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HRH Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales

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Born on November 14, 1948 as the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Charles is the longstanding heir apparent to the British throne. Charles graduated from Trinity College before embarking on a military career which culminated with him commanding the HMS Bronington.

Besides his royal duties, Charles has become a leading philanthropist. In addition to the Prince's Trust, he has backed a huge array of charitable organizations, supporting efforts to improve educational services, fund arts initiatives, support sustainable business endeavours, provide employment opportunities to older citizens and help the environment.

In 2007, Charles launched the Prince's Rainforest Project, a global initiative with corporate and celebrity backing to curtail tropical deforestation and thus aid the quest to stanch climate change. And in a nod to religious diversity and the multicultural nature of modern England, Charles has also promised to have a multi-faith coronation if or when he takes the throne.