استكشاف أحدث التقنيات والتوجهات التي تشكل أجندة الاستدامة العالمية

اقرأ مجموعة واسعة من التقارير والدراسات التي نشرها أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة بالتعاون مع عدد من الشركاء، والتي تتناول الموضوعات الرئيسية والتوجهات والسياسات التي تساهم في تعزيز أجندة الاستدامة العالمية

مارس 2023 | ADSW
ADSW Report 2023 Code Blue

The Power of the Blue Economy

بالاعتماد على التقنيات ذات الصلة، يمكن لقوة الاقتصاد الأزرق أن تفتح المجال أمام سوق الكربون الأزرق للمساهمة في تحقيق الحياد المناخي. اطلعوا على أحدث تقرير لدينا وتعرفوا على توصيات الخبراء في حلقة من سلسلة ندوات أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة

فبراير 2023 | ADSW
Hard to Abate ADSW Masdar Industry Report 2023

Hard to Abate, Ready to Start

Decarbonization budgets and a gap in commercially available ‘frontier’ technologies are some of the key issues facing hard-to-abate industries in their drive to achieve much-needed emission reductions. Discover the key findings from over 500 senior executives in our new global report.

فبراير 2023 | ADSW, NETZERO
ADSW - NETZERO - Future Proofing Family Enterprises

Future Proofing Family Enterprises

Climate change will affect millions of lives in the MENA region. Regulation and top-down approaches by government will incentivize and improve sustainability in the private sector. Family Enterprises can tap into opportunities and minimize risks if we change the narrative.

يناير 2023 | ADSW
ADSW white paper 2023

Developing the UAE hydrogen economy

Read expert insights on the growth potential of this ‘fuel of the future’ in the UAE and abroad.

مارس 2022 | انفستكورب


أصدرت "انفستكورب" التي تأسست في عام 1982 وتدير أصولاً تبلغ قيمتها 37.6 مليار دولار، تقرير الحوكمة البيئية والاجتماعية والمؤسسية 2021 خلال أسبوع أبوظبي للاستدامة.

يناير 2022 |

سبل تسريع إزالة الكربون في قطاع الطاقة الخليجي

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have increased their focus on taking actions to address climate change concerns. However, there is an urgent need to further accelerate decarbonizationi efforts, especially in the region’s power sector, by leveraging its tremendous renewables potential together with its abundant natural gas reserves, while transitioning away from liquid fuels.

سبتمبر 2021 | ADSW
ADSW Webinar September 2021 Sustainable Fashion at the Heart of Carbon Neutrality

الأزياء المستدامة في صميم تحقيق الحياد المناخي

As the environment is progressively gaining global attention, fashion brands are following suit by ensuring their garments are eco-friendly.

يوليو 2021 | ADSW
ADSW Webinar July 2021 Global Health and Climate Change Inextricably Interlinked

الترابط ما بين الصحة العالمية والتغير المناخي

Climate change has not only impacted the health of the planet, but of its people as well, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 250,000 additional deaths will be caused every year between 2030 and 2050 from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea, and heat stress.

مايو 2021 | ADSW
ADSW Webinar May 2021 Technology Innovation and Partnerships to Build a Sustainable World

الابتكار التكنولوجي والشراكات لبناء عالم مستدام

Innovations and technologies have helped in a number of different circumstances, serving as an opportunity to change for the better.

مارس 2021 | ADSW
ADSW Webinar March 2021 Gender Diversity Vital Driver of Sustainable Recovery

Gender Diversity Vital Driver of Sustainable Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted all sectors around the world, but it has also threatened to reverse the important gains that have been made in the last decade within the context of gender equality, as the negative impacts of the pandemic were disproportionally felt by women and girls alike.