The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week story

As part of the United Arab Emirates’ long-term vision and commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability, Abu Dhabi established Masdar in 2006 to support the diversification of the country by advancing global renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

To accelerate global collaboration and sustainability around the world, Abu Dhabi formed ADSW, hosted by Masdar, with a specific focus on delivering action across three principles; Global Collaboration & Leadership, Economic Development, and Technology & Innovation.

ADSW takes a proactive approach at a grassroots level, encouraging social inclusion by hosting a series of platforms and events aimed at engaging and empowering young people, females and members of the community to play an active role in delivering a sustainable future.

Working with its public and private partners, ADSW hosts a series of events that welcome heads of state, policy makers, business leaders and technology pioneers, providing them with a global platform to share knowledge, showcase innovation and outline strategies for delivering climate action.