Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Contact Information for Enhancing Social Connectivity

Our application, ADSW, is designed to enhance your social networking experience by facilitating connections with other users. To support this, we access and utilize contact list details from your device under strict privacy guidelines.

Data We Collect:

  • Contact names: To identify potential connections within the app.

  • Phone numbers : For identification and facilitating communication.

  • Email addresses (if available in your contact list): To offer another layer of connectivity and invitations.

  • Profile Images: These are limited to those set as display pictures in your contact list, which helps you easily recognize friends and family members in the app.

Purpose of Collection:

  • To simplify the process of finding and connecting with your contacts who are existing users of our app.

  • To enable you to join and use our app, enhancing your networking experience.

  • To enhance your ability to network effectively and enjoy a seamless social interaction experience within the app, including easy sharing, communication, and friend suggestions based on your contact list.

How We Use This Data:

  • Your contact information will be used to suggest possible connections by comparing your contact information with our user database.

  • We may use contact details to send invitations or notifications to your contacts upon your initiation, should you choose to use such features.

  • The data is utilized to streamline the process of adding new friends or contacts, enhancing your networking experience within the app.

User Consent and Control:

  • Access to your data is subject to your account type as part of the app users. Such information is shared only with other registered users who have been verified, adhering to the same privacy policy.

  • Your contacts' data is processed with your explicit consent and is solely used to enhance your user experience within ADSW.

  • We commit to not sharing your contact list with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

  • Your privacy is paramount. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information ensuring secure handling in compliance with relevant privacy laws and our comprehensive privacy policy.