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Bassam Alasad

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Exelx is a battery service technology company. We pride ourselves on innovative solutions that perform high accuracy testing, reviving and maintenance services that optimise the Japanese born technology by our partners "Battery Bank Systems - BBS" and developed in partnership with our R&D and engineering team. Our goal is to maintain and sustain the performance of batteries from EV & hybrid vehicles to telecommunications towers, renewable storage batteries, and forklifts for a longer life cycle to reduce the number of batteries that go to landfills.


Exelx Battery

Exelx Battery Technology centre was created as an effort of Integracast research and development engineers to take part in solving this global challenge and participate in the modern circular economy. In a world where battery waste is an environmental challenge, we believe we have a responsibility for creating change to sustain a better future within our planet. To achieve this vision, Integracast, joined forces with the Japanese technology maker; Battery Bank Systems who created a revolutionary technology aiming to change the way in which batteries are dealt with by increasing their lifecycle in a safe and environmentally friendly way, Our versatile recovery technology has proven results among different kinds of batteries.