Exploring the latest technologies and trends shaping the global sustainability agenda

Read the wide range of reports and white papers published by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and its partners, which examine the key topics, trends and policies sharping the world’s sustainability agenda

January 2019 | The Economist

Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The report examines the business risks and opportunities of the global digital transformation.

January 2019 | The Economist

Power Up Delivering Renewable Energy in Africa

The report examines renewable energy infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on solar and wind.

January 2019 | The Economist

Road Tech: Addressing the Challenges of Traffic Growth

The report examines technology and smart engineering in addressing issues arising from the growth in traffic.

January 2019 | The Economist

The Urban Transit Evolution

The report reviews some of the urban mobility challenges facing well-established, congested cities.

January 2019 | LEK Consulting

Beyond the Hype - Making Money in New Mobility

The paper explores the new mobility paradigm.

January 2019 | Masdar Published in partnership with The National, ADSW and WFES

Future Sustainability Report

The report examines the technologies and trends that will shape a sustainable future.

January 2019 | Masdar Published in partnership with Lux Research

Sustainable Agriculture for Arid Climates

This report details, a number of technologies and techniques currently being used to enhance sustainable agriculture.

January 2019 | ADSW

ADSW: Future Skills 2030

The report outlines the five driving forces shaping the future of jobs and skills.

January 2019 | IRENA

GCC Market Analysis 2019 Report

This report explores the prospects for renewables to diversify both national economies and the combined GCC energy mix.

January 2019 | IRENA

A New World: The Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation

The report examines geopolitics in the context of the global energy transformation.

January 2019 | IRENA

Renewable Energy: A Gender Perspective

This report examines the question of gender equity throughout the renewable energy sector.

January 2019 | Middle East Solar Industry Association

Solar Outlook Report 2019

The annual report highlights trends in the solar industry from the past year.

English Version
January 2019 | LEK Consulting

First Biopharma Product Launch in Europe What It Takes

The paper examines the underlying drivers of decision-making and explains what it takes to achieve a successful European launch.

English Version
January 2019 | LEK Consulting

Breaking Into the ‘Energy Internet’ Era in China

The paper sheds light on recent energy internet advancements and its potential for growth in China’s energy industry.

January 2018 | Masdar

The Masdar Report on Technologies for Future Smart City Transit

The report is valuable learning how emerging technologies can shape the future of smart city transit.

English Version