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Abu Dhabi has transformed the desert to a globally connected city of the future, where vision and ambition are celebrated

The largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi sits on 80% of the combined territory of the UAE.

Over recent decades, Abu Dhabi as an Emirate has undergone a massive transformation of grand proportions, unprecedented economic growth and development saw the Emirate grow exponentially and become a sprawling metropolis. Due to the vision of Abu Dhabi’s leaders and its economic diversification, the Emirate has grown to become a dynamic hub and global player in various business and economic areas.



A number of factors make the UAE uniquely positioned to hold a global event such as Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.


The UAE has demonstrated its commitment to advancing sustainability and clean energy by leveraging the latest advancements in technology and research and development and establishing effective and supportive policies. The UAE was the first country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to address sustainability. Through its Vision 2021 agenda and its Green Growth Strategy, the UAE has one of the most progressive sustainable development strategies within the region. The country is also committed to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and has established a series of funds and initiatives to work towards these goals both at national and international levels.

ADSW 2023 will play a crucial role in ensuring momentum between COP27 and COP28, while enabling impactful dialogue between all global stakeholders on practical, pro-climate, progrowth solutions for a net-zero future.


The UAE’s commitment to sustainability and the innovative technologies it is implementing


The UAE has a rich legacy of supporting sustainability, which is reflected in the vision of the UAE’s founding father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed, who was committed to accelerating social, economic and political sustainability. This sprit has underpinned everything the UAE has done and shaped its ambitious yet sensible policies and national goals, particularly its efforts to diversify the economy in order to remain adaptable and agile and thrive in a changing world.

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Future progress

The UAE Centennial 2071, announced in 2018, is the UAE’s roadmap to transforming the country into a knowledge-based economy over the next 50+ years. This roadmap follows more than a decade of concerted efforts from the UAE leadership to guide the nation towards a path of continuing progress and prosperity.

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