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The ADSW Partnership Hub will bridge the conversations between the blue and green zones, bringing together delegates and attendees to advance collaborations toward climate action. The Hub will host panels, roundtables, and networking events that will engage and encourage participants to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and build valuable partnerships.

The Clean Energy Capital: Abu Dhabi’s Transformation

In the shifting landscape of the energy industry, Abu Dhabi is on a transformative journey to reach net-zero emissions, quickly becoming the clean energy capital in the process. This walk-through of the Emirates blueprint for sustainability will highlight the responsible energy practices that support both long-term growth and environmental well-being, with key stakeholders converging to capture the innovations, best practices and the thinking behind this transition. This full-day event focuses on the momentum toward net zero, how best to maintain it and how it might be accelerated. Interactive conversations will engage a broad group of stakeholders who are writing the next chapter of Abu Dhabi's energy story – one that emphasizes responsible, sustainable practices and embraces clean energy for a brighter, greener tomorrow. Discussions will address four crucial areas of the energy transition. As Abu Dhabi’s visionary policies and regulations rewrite the rules of the energy game, how can we continue this transformation? What are the next steps toward creating a supportive environment for sustainable energy solutions?

SMEs on the Road to Net Zero

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up a remarkable 90 percent of all businesses worldwide. They have an impact on the livelihoods of more than 2 billion people around the globe. SMEs are also recognized as significant drivers of innovation and economic growth. As such, they hold vast potential for advancing global net-zero emissions objectives and acting as an essential contributor to nurturing a sustainable future. Nevertheless, SMEs often grapple with limited access to the information, tools and resources necessary for their own transition to net-zero emissions. How can SMEs best be equipped to harness their dynamism and rapidly reduce their emissions to both achieve net zero and maintain a successful venture?

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