The Net Zero Navigator Tool

Achieving net zero emissions and addressing the challenges of climate change requires a global effort and a commitment to collaboration among critical stakeholders. Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) has joined forces with its community of experts, executives, activists, innovators, investors and others to discover new ways to support the UAE Consensus achieved at COP28 and the world’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Announced during COP28 and in line with ADSW's commitment to convening and facilitating crucial action-oriented climate conversations, the Net Zero Navigator, presented by ADSW, will provide a holistic, centralized resource and collaboration platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, cultivate partnerships and embrace innovation to accelerate the journey to net zero. ADSW is developing the Net Zero Navigator to bring together people, ideas and solutions in an exclusive online interactive platform. Powered by AI, the tool will allow a multistakeholder audience to engage with each other, learn and understand how to contribute to key climate initiatives.

The Net Zero Navigator is uniquely designed to unite diverse stakeholders across policy, funding and partnerships in a shared mission to reach net zero by 2050. An unprecedented tool in the sustainability space, the Navigator allows those working in the private sector, public sector and civil society to discover shared priorities, understand the technology landscape, engage with relevant initiatives and contribute to meaningful change.

Accessible to all, the tool provides a crucial resource for individuals and organizations to understand key trends and topics and explore their implications for achieving net-zero emissions and fighting climate change.