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We Are Committed

#WeAreCommitted is a call to action for the global community to show their commitment to address sustainability. The campaign is bringing together government ministers, business leaders and members of the community to show their commitment to sustainability and providing a platform to explain how they are doing it.

How you can be involved in #WeAreCommitted

  1. Record a short video of yourself saying ‘We Are Committed’ and include the sustainability action you are committing to e.g. ‘We Are Committed to Saving Water’
  2. Alternatively, post an image or photo sharing your individual commitment to sustainability
  3. Make sure to use the #ADSW and #WeAreCommitted hashtags in your post

What commitment could you make to sustainability?

As an individual or family, here are some ideas on how you could show commitment to sustainability:

  • Turn off lights when you’re not using them and switch to compact fluorescent or LED bulbs
  • Switch to a low carbon vehicle
  • When possible carpool, use public transport, walk or ride your bike
  • Reduce your heating or air conditioning
  • Lower the amount of water that you use and make water-efficient choices
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Pursue a career in sustainability

Measure you carbon footprint https://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx

Sustainability makes business sense. Here are some examples on how your business can commitment to sustainability to ensure it stays competitive:

  • Identify a clear sustainability goal or target for your business
  • Assign a sustainability leader who can lead a team and advocate for sustainable business practices and communicate these to the rest of the staff and community, ensuring sustainability is part of your company’s culture
  • Implement recycling and waste reduction techniques
  • Implement a sustainable supply chain - source raw materials from companies who practice sustainability themselves
  • Use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging for your products
  • Collaborate with other companies and organisations to achieve shared sustainability goals
  • Share your businesses sustainable achievements and goals