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Youth 4 Sustainability Hub

One in four people in the world today is aged between 15 - 29: that’s nearly 1.8 billion in total.

The world has an unprecedented opportunity to lay the foundations to build a better future for young people and to develop their skills. This becomes even more critical to sustainability when considering the potential skills and jobs that may be required in the future. Eighty-five per cent of the jobs which will exist in 2030 have yet to be invented.

Recognizing the important role that young people will play in driving the sustainability agenda forward, ADSW launched the Youth 4 Sustainability (Y4S) Hub as a dedicated youth space designed to educate students, young professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs about the future of the sustainability industry.

During ADSW 2019, the Y4S Hub will included two main elements – Future Skills 2030 and the Climate Innovation Exchange, or CLIX. Together, they provide a holistic experience for students and young professionals to gain a strong understanding of what is needed to thrive in the evolving sustainability and clean-tech sectors.

The Y4S Hub connected some of the world’s youngest and minds, including members of the Masdar-led Future Sustainability Leaders programme, with leading industry experts. The Y4S Hub also gives UAE high school students in the Sustainability Ambassadors Programme a unique opportunity to present the Y4S Hub to their peers and deliver a memorable visitor experience.

Future Skills 2030

Future Skills report

Future Skills 2030 is an engaging and interactive mentorship opportunity for students and young professionals to network with industry experts, and gain key skills to pursue a future in sustainability. The ultimate aim is to prepare and equip young people with the skills needed to succeed in the future.

Taking students and young professionals through a comprehensive journey, to explore the future of education, industry, business, and jobs in the context of sustainable development.
Future Skills 2030 also demonstrate how the UAE’s national agenda, specifically the National Advanced Sciences Agenda 2031, is enabling the country to remain at the forefront of the changing global landscape by empowering youth to advance high-priority areas.

Learn more by downloading the Future Skills 2030 report


Another key element of the Y4S Hub is the Climate Innovation Exchange, or CLIX, which is a unique marketplace connecting entrepreneurs and investors to enable partnerships that will power sustainable climate change solutions through knowledge, innovation, and funding.

CLIX is aligned with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s (MoCCE) strategy to enable the sourcing, funding and commercialisation of climate change solutions and technologies.

The initiative is focused on solving the world’s most pressing climate change issues by connecting local and global entrepreneurs (concepts, start-ups and innovative companies in different stages of funding), with an audience of potential and series investors (angel, seed investors and venture capitalists). The entrepreneurs will pitch conceptual ideas, new products and transformative business models that are aligned with the MoCCE’s three pillars of sustainability, namely Sustainability in Space, Future of Energy, and the Future of Food & Agriculture.
In 2019, CLIX received 811 applications from young innovators and entrepreneurs in 83 countries. The 41 Investors expressed their intent to invest $17.5 million in these innovations. The 41 finalists showcased their inventions during ADSW and met with investors. Over the course of four days, startups discussed with visitors, investors and authorities and reported a total of $53.9 million USD of potential involvement in projects and investment intent in the region.

For more information, please visit the WFES website.

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